Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator

Quest to save the workers

Playable on your browser with no download, works on desktop or mobile
The game is a few minutes long

You must purchase as many copies of Hogwarts Legacy as you can to save the workers from devastation!!!

Note: this is a parody game against transphobia. Please don't take it too literally

Please also note that this game was only made in a few hours and is essentially a shitpost. Don't take it too seriously and too literally. It's an on the nose parody meant to entertain people and hopeful make some people think about things at the same time.

Release date Feb 07, 2023
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(84 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsComedy, Funny, LGBT, narrat, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Transgender
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Blind friendly

Development log


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While I think the boycotts were doomed to fail from the start, it's disheartening to know that people have so little regard for each other that not purchasing a video game was too big an ask.

This is rad though. Nice job on everything and putting a funny spin on so much of the discourse around this whole thing.


me not buying the game just because i'm not really into harry potter:


i am truly so disgusted by the fans of ppl who claim they were harassed by trans ppl. As if the entire trans community is a monolith or some kind of hate mob. I'm not trans, but I can see how Harry Potter is using Trans outrage in a similar way to Black outrage, except trans ppl's right are still being ripped away, like every day. Anyway, to anyone reading this, please support the Trans ppl in your life


This game leaves me thoroughly unimpressed as a criticism of the drama surrounding Hogwarts Legacy. While it's a self-described shitpost, it's still rather poorly thought out. While it's absurd that David Zaslav himself would personally ask me to buy a copy of Hogwarts Legacy, I can accept that there needs to be some level of absurdity to a satirical work.

So, you choose to purchase the game or not. When you purachase a copy, you IMMEDIATELY see a news headline about some anti-trans event happening in the world. For the mere cost of $60, you can immedaitely exert influence on global events. This kind of power, left unchecked, would have MUCH more far-reaching consequences than just trans rights; imagine if the Department of Defense, in all its infinite funding, could just buy a million copies of some other game to destabilize Iran or China?

I mean, it's just a parody, right? Sure, it needs to be over the top, but I think this really exposes the author's black-and-white thinking; I suspect they actually think that a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy is all that can prevent a transgender holocaust.

Ashley insists that she's not harassing streamers that are playing the game. As we learned 9 years ago, it's foolish and bigoted to doubt the victims of online harassment, so her lecture about how most trans people aren't harassing people as a group is immediately suspect.

Who is Ashley, anyway? Why does she seem to have the ability to instinctually know when I've purchased a copy of Hogwarts Legacy? Why are my responses to her complete strawman of an anti-woke person? Why don't I have the option to just buy one copy and tell Ashley to fuck off? Or buy zero copies and tell Ashley to fuck off? And Rowling and Zaslav and @Gamernews and Asmongold? The only guy who was cool was Your Gamer Friend.

At the end of the game, Liana admits that this game is a massive exaggeration, and that "getting all the nuance required to deal with this complex issue would require many paragraphs and be boring." Well, Liana, you sure did write a lot of paragraphs for this game already, perhaps you're only able to write when you're having an outburst. You admit that you don't really think that buying a copy of Hogwarts Legacy matters, why did you even make this HTML5 VN in the first place?

Final verdict: This game was made in about three hours, and it really shows. I find it hard to believe that it's a "shitpost" by someone who claims she isn't mad.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't buy HL and have no intent to as long as it has Denuvo DRM. Maybe I'll get it on sale for ten bucks in a few years if they ever remove Denuvo.


By the end I wished I could have told everyone to fuck off.

Even though it did give me more on this side of the story, it also made me more wary of both sides of the coin. As it only really painted itself as disingenuous and Ashley who seemed the most normal(maybe my definition of satire was wrong), and yet very preachy and pushy. Blair was crazy because I only wanted to buy 1 copy. CEO guy was being... a slightly more crazy CEO guy. JK was a very much of a caricature of herself... which seems to be somewhat on brand for JK. And the streamer guy who was preaching about charity streams and bought a car was just annoying non-character. I wish there was a third option of just use the charity with the game anyway instead of annoy me more. 

Playing through it just left me more tired and confused. I think I got the bad ending even though it said it was the good one. My head maybe playing tricks on me again.

Sorry for ranting on you.


fun and epic game, got a 10 :3

Also, it took me down to within a few seconds to play the entire game and listen to the entirety of TRAUMA REDUCTION PRAYER by FREE.99 in the background so that makes it extra based (if you don't know, look up their music, it goes hard af and they are very trans and gay)


Thanks <3


I got 5 points in the dating sim. Am I cool?

Yes, the coolest


The game wasn't fun, ngl. I want options to be uninterested because I dislike HP, not because I agree or disagree with JK. 


Also I think the game is a game, people can play it if they want to or not. 

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It seemed to bug out and I couldn't buy more copies of the game, but it was pretty fun.

edit: I was able to get to the end I even bought 10 copies in 10 seconds, so cool

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Deleted 1 year ago

but don't you understand!!! people are just making too big a deal out of this!!! /s

the death of the author arguments were a really nice touch. sometimes it feels like an argument right next to "no ethical consumption under capitalism." I stopped playing wow after... you know. blizzard. maybe Im inevitably going give money to bad people, but I can make the choice to simply not here. maybe it makes no difference. maybe Im just happy that I supported women/trans people/jewish people/etc, even in a small way. maybe it's the bare minimum to be consistent. maybe it shows that I value people in my life (whom I love) more than I do any game. maybe I don't actively want to uncritically engage with openly bigoted media anyway. I just don't understand the appeal...

I don't normally comment on games I've played (bad habit definitely), but I am here. thanks for the laugh, if nothing else. hoping happiness and love to you. 


i love this game, and i got the good ending

not the terf one this one


this is awesome

Deleted 351 days ago

Oh thanks 鉂わ笍

And 12 is good 馃槇


Well, alright then. 


I got 11 :flushed:


Love this game

I got 12 //////






is this after restarting the game or something?


yikes, I never though an itch comment section of all places could be such a battleground...

cool game, I liked it a lot :)


I thought the various personages showing up to lecture the player about "the death of the author" were a very nice touch. I've literally watched that bullshit play out in real time.

It was unexpected to have a chud show up here to literally say "they're coming for your games," I have this mistaken expectation that they'll develop finesse at some point, but luckily, they're always around to correct me.


Hogwartsisters... I don't feel so good... not like this...

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This is great, captures the cope of the gamers really well. Needs a section where you figure out how to hide your psn achievements so people don't know you played the terf elf game.

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The game is not well made enough, what if i only want american trans people to suffer greatly but im cool with the british ones?


I got a score of 10, where do I dm you?

Jokes (or not) aside, I liked this shitpost game, ty :D


So many right wing snowflakes getting offended in this comment section lol. And here I thought the left were the snowflakes according to you guys??? I鈥檓 not really seeing it. I鈥檓 definitely seeing the opposite, though 


This was bleakly funny. A compact way of exposing people to simple facts they may otherwise be avoiding. I laughed pretty hard when hasanabi shows up to lecture you if you stop buying copies of the game.




hasanabi would have done a fundraiser for trans rights if only you hadn't been so stubborn, u ruined trans rights

Deleted 1 year ago

absolutely on point. Actual transphobic quotes from jkr and the hammer to the forehead of every time you buy a copy more trans rights being put under attack, and still these comments are fulla clowns who miss the point. Can lead a horse to water...


who would have thought a hard core feminist wouldn't gel with the idea a guy could just say hes a woman and have acess to womens spaces, crazy


Bahahaha I loved it!!!


Raw energy, I love it!

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