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Visit the narrat.dev for more info, see games made with narrat at narrat.games, play an interactive sandbox demo at demo.narrat.dev.

Narrat is an open source narrative game engine for interactive fiction games and visual novels. It can also be used for text-based RPGs or even a point and click.

Made in HTML5 using TypeScript and vue.js. Works on websites, desktop and mobile.

The syntax for writing dialogue is inspired from ren'py, and the games layout is inspired by the way dialog and visuals are presented in Disco Elysium

You can view the website for more info, a demo, and how to get started.

Some of the features:

  • Flexible dialog writing with branching and conditions
  • Multiple script files support with labels and jumps to organise script writing
  • Skill check rolls for branching or in choice options (Feature still early, needs a UI for viewing skills and creating characters)
  • Multiple speaking characters support with icons and poses
  • Custom variables in scripts to create flags or other data the game needs to track
  • Seamless saving and reloading
  • Visual game UI on the side of the dialog with buttons that can be used to trigger scripts (this effectively allows you to create game maps, or point n click style gameplay
  •  Sound and music support
  • Delays between script lines for effect
  • Electron build to turn the game into a pc/mac/linux app (the template already has it setup and ready to use)
  • Responsive mobile layout

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsGame engine, narrat, Narrative, Open Source, Point & Click, Ren'Py, Story Rich
Code licenseMIT License


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